What is Restorative Bristol?

The vision is for all of Bristol’s many and varied communities to have advocates and champions who are well informed of the availability and the benefits of engaging with restorative interventions and they will encourage and support others within their community to have the confidence to request a restorative intervention to a local issue.

Restorative Bristol builds connections and networks between organisations and individuals who work across the spectrum of restorative justice, restorative interventions and restorative philosophies. We recognise and value the diversity of work on this issue and also recognise the common principles which underpin restorative work.

“The buzz in Bristol around restorative approaches is building. It has been a privilege to chair the Restorative Bristol Board over the last year and see the leadership, expertise and drive of the partners resulting in new projects, clear standards for participating organisations, development of a website and roll out of training. What we need now is more signposting of victims in to restorative approaches, more pathways to recovery that build in restorative interventions as an offer and more evidence that people are accessing and benefiting from restorative interventions. This is the direction partners in Bristol are headed in.

Who is Restorative Bristol?

Restorative Bristol’s vision is a city where individuals, agencies and services see restorative approaches as the first option for dealing with conflict.

Restorative Bristol has been set up to continue to;

‘promote and support all sectors, communities and the public to embrace a restorative culture where our response to dealing with initial conflict, wrong doing or harm, puts the wishes and needs of the person (s) harmed (victim) at the heart of any restorative approach, community resolution or restorative justice activity’



Our Governance

Restorative Bristol is governed by a number of key partners across public, private and voluntary sectors in Bristol

Our Values

At the heart of Restorative Bristol are a clear set of values. These values underpin what we hope to achieve as a city.

What are Restorative Approaches?

Restorative Approaches to resolving conflict and repairing harm are about doing things differently and engaging those involved in conflict to be part of the solution.

Our Strategy & Action Plan

To achieve our vision we have developed a strategy taking us up to April 2016. The key elements of our action plan can be found here.