Exclusion Avoided

Drawing of children with restorative corner written - children are smilingAt Shirehampton Primary School they pride themselves on quality education they provide their pupils. Several pupils have joined the school having found it challenging to manage their feelings and behaviour in other contexts. One child in particular had been in danger of being permanently excluded from his previous school after showing repetitively aggressive behaviour and a disregard for others’ welfare.

After arrival, this child’s needs were swiftly identified and an action plan put in place to meet his needs. This plan involved all adults in school who had contact with the child and relied heavily on the principles and practices of RJ. The desired outcome was for this child to appreciate how his behaviour impacted on others, and to acquire a bank of strategies that secured his positive interactions with others. One year on, the child engages positively with peers and adults alike, and is making good progress in his learning.

The impact RJ has had on Shirehampton Primary School has been impressive. Staff and governors believe the RJ approach is second to none for teaching children how to manage maturely their own behaviour effectively and why this is important; Pupils describe how they feel fully involved in any processes that deals with behaviour and their voices are heard and acted upon; Parents have commented how their children are now more empathetic towards their peers and adults alike; Ofsted commented on the effectiveness of our approach through the implementation of RJ; The school community has been strengthened and the practice continues to evolve over time in response to the school’s needs and challenges.

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