Restorative Bristol

In December 2013, Restorative Bristol produced a report following on from its launch in December 2012.

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Gillian Douglas Talks About Restorative Bristol

Previous Restorative Bristol Chair, Gillian Douglas talks about her hopes for Bristol and her commitment to help make the city a restorative one.

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Making it Right

Avon and Somerset Police Badge

In autumn 2013, PC Nick Hughes was contacted by one of the ‘Victim Contact Team (VCT)’ from Avon & Somerset Probation, this is the team that keeps victims of serious, violent or sexual crimes informed with updates on their offenders.

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A Stolen Bike

Youth Offending Team

Marcus, a 17 year old young person was working with the Youth Offending Team (YOT) as a result of a Court Order imposed for an offence of burglary where he broke into a shed and stole a bike. Marcus’s victim, Steven, was contacted by the YOT and offered a variety of restorative justice interventions

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My life as a Police Constable & Restorative Justice facilitator

PC Nick Hughes, Restorative Justice Faclitator for Avon & Somerset Police, gives an account of his work to the Restorative Justice Council magazine.

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