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Coffee Shop Restoration

Avon and Somerset Police Badge

This case was referred by a Police Constable for Avon and Somerset youth team. The incident was one of theft by a youth of a tips jar at the coffee shop where the victim worked.  The youth had been in company with his peers and they went into staff quarters when the victim was alone […]

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Restorative Thinking Parenting Classes

Cartoon of person thinking

Restorative Thinking Parenting Classes  “I learnt patience and listening and taking my child’s needs on board.”  (Parent, Bristol) Would you like to understand how to cope with difficult behaviour? Do you wish to know more about your child/ren’s development and their needs? Could you benefit from learning more about ...

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Dr Marian Liebmann (Restorative Justice – How it Works)

Marian Liebmann - How it works

Bristol resident and one of Restorative Bristol's founding members, Marian Liebmann has worked in education, art therapy, victim support and probation, and for seven years was director and projects adviser of Mediation UK.

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Equalities Mediation in Action

Progressive Mediation

Sam is blind and was going on a train journey. An announcement was made saying that all passengers were expected to familiarise themselves with the safety notices. Sam requested a Braille version of the notices, but found that none were available.

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Restorative Bristol

In December 2013, Restorative Bristol produced a report following on from its launch in December 2012.

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Dr Duncan Gillard

Dr Duncan Gillard talks about some of the difference between restorative justice and restorative approaches in schools.

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Gillian Douglas Talks About Restorative Bristol

Previous Restorative Bristol Chair, Gillian Douglas talks about her hopes for Bristol and her commitment to help make the city a restorative one.

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