A Stolen Bike

Marcus, a 17 year old young person was working with the Youth Offending Team (YOT) as a result of a Court Order imposed for an offence of burglary where he broke into a shed and stole a bike. Marcus’s victim, Steven, was contacted by the YOT and offered a variety of restorative justice interventions. The victim said that he would like to meet the young person face to face at a restorative conference. This was then discussed with Marcus who agreed to meet with Steven. After careful preparation and risk assessments of both parties, the conference took place facilitated by the YOT. The conference gave Steven the opportunity to explain the impact of the offence upon him and his family, and raise his concerns over whether he had been specifically targeted. Marcus was able to apologise to Steven and explain that he had not been targeted which greatly relieved Steven. The meeting was a positive experience for all involved. Steven felt re-assured and that he had some closure regarding what happened, and Marcus was able to reflect upon the impact of his behaviour. On describing his experience Marcus said: “It felt good to meet the person that I’d stolen from and apologise. It was good to see that the victim was more relaxed when he realised he hadn’t been targeted. I realised how upset he must have been – I would be if it happened to me.“
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